Psychological & Academic Testing

A psychological assessment can be the best first step in understanding and improving oneself. These evaluations provide an in-depth view of one's issues and offer specific recommendations in overcoming emotional distress so that you can flourish in a variety of environments. We are skilled in assessing underlying issues that cause psychological symptoms and difficulties, and pride ourselves on considering all areas of functioning, including physical health symptoms that may mimic mental health disorders.

  • Intelligence & Academic Abilities (including cognitive disorders & learning disabilities)
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) Planning
  • Attention deficit (and hyperactivity) disorders
  • Autism-spectrum disorders
  • Oppositional defiance and disruptive behavior disorders
  • Mood and anxiety disorders (including bipolar, depressive, anxiety, and trauma impact disorders)
  • Court-ordered or Court-involved evaluations (including parental fitness and custody evaluations)
  • Personality functioning
  • Substance abuse disorders

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Our psychiatrist treats adults (ages 15 and up) acing concerns such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, pregnancy, and postpartum issues, and more. We believe it is a sign of strength and wisdom to seek care when one realizes the need for it and we aim to provide a warm, hopeful, supportive, and collaborative environment for your medication needs.

Counseling & Coaching

Our psychotherapy approach meets the interpersonal & psychological needs of clients. This consists of establishing a trusting relationship, psychoeducation (and assessment when necessary), building symptom management skills, and "deep therapeutic work" using a variety of interventions.

Every child is unique and we create a treatment plan specifically for your child. We use a variety of different therapeutic tools, including art, toys, and expressive therapies to help children reach their goals.

Preteens and teens often go through a stage of exploration and identity formation. While this can be a confusing and stressful time for both parents and teenagers, we help facilitate the communication between the parent and child. During these formative years, we help equip your teen with coping skills that he or she can use for the rest of their life!

Nutrition Counseling & Support

Nutrition is the fuel that feeds our mind and body and therefore is the backbone of our health and wellness.

We offer one-on-one appointments with our registered dietitian who offers personally tailored nutrition advice, help with managing chronic diseases, behavioral eating issues, medical nutrition therapy, nutrition education, and nutrition counseling.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a supportive, goal driven process powered by you. This service allows you to use your strengths and creativity to conquer challenges and achieve your life’s vision. We work together to draw a map of where you are, identify the internal and external resources at your disposal, and create a plan to get you to where you want to be.


DBT Skills groups allow members to learn essential and useful skills to help better manage strong ineffective emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This is an 8-week group for adults to learn DBT Skills in a creative, interactive, and fun manner.

Young Adults with High Functioning Autism or Other Cognitive Differences

This group provides young adults with the opportunity to network and make friends who share similar interests. Participants will learn how to identify social opportunities and share experiences with each other. Topics covered during this group include:

  • Interest Matching
  • Community Access & Safety
  • Activity Planning
  • Relationship Building

Your marriage can work and we will show you how! It’s time to get a fresh start on your premarital education and/or your married life. This 5-part workshop unpacks several topics for building a resilient and thriving marriage.

  • Communication: Balancing assertiveness and active listening skills
  • Conflict: Increasing commitment and trust through conflict resolution
  • Finance: Learning key financial concepts for improving compatibility
  • Intimacy: Exploring relationship practices for increasing marital oneness
  • Personality: Assessing personality differences and strengths for team building

Anger management groups are a 12-week long specialized program. Groups meet for one hour sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be a two-hour intake appointment and brief evaluation that must be completed before a person can enroll in the group. Clients who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion to be shared with the necessary court official(s).

We work with your child to learn additional skills to help them prepare for school and social setting. Skill topics include emotion regulation, strengthening interpersonal skills, impulse control, learning to be flexible, and how to make and maintain friendships. This service is provided in a group setting and is open to girls and boys.

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